Are Bolivian girls easy going to foreigners?

Most of the people in this Planet hate stereotypes, they don’t like when their nation is treated by common stereotypes and the reasons for this are vivid: stereotypes often bring false picture about nation, traditions, behavior etc; even more – the world is changing really fast and the things that were truth 5 years ago have nothing in common with the situation of nowadays. Many people also believe that generalizing people, nations, and behavior is not right thing to do because every person is unique. But what we see in reality? People hate generalizing and stereotypes, but use them in everyday life and even more: they often search generalized and stereotypic information on the Internet. As an example of this is this page, where you probably were trying to find out whether Bolivian girls are easy to foreigners or no. What we can observe: on the one hand people don’t like when someone else generalize his/her own nation, his wife because, for example, he is American and she is Mexican, but at the same time they like to look for generalized stereotypical information about representatives of other nations. How come this is happening?

To my mind, this issue has really simple answer. Most of the people have many in common and according to geographical, national, language group belonging they may have common features. These features are especially similar within the borders of one country or some specific national group, where impact on every individual is formed by acts and behavior of others. As we know human body consists 80% of water and as researches showed when they freeze water and made detailed picture of it under a microscope they could observe specific picture every time, depending on surroundings water was in; if two glasses were near each other, their crystal pictures had similar features. This proves that impact of other people’s emotions, thoughts and acts has influence on people who are close to them, as I believe it is due to the fact we are 80% of water. No weird that people within one ethnic group or even whole nation could have generalizing features. That is why you are here looking for typical features of Bolivian women’s behavior towards foreign men, in particular you are interested in more narrow topic: how Bolivian women – for or against close relations with American, Australian etc., and are they ready for first date intimacy, for example. But you should also take into consideration that some general features do not mean that woman (women) you meet in Bolivia will act the same. Even your own previous experience does not mean the next Bolivian girl you meet would have the same attitude to life in general and to relations with foreigner in particular.

The information given is not what you really were looking for? Sorry to disappoint you, but that is the real truth. What did you expected for? You probably wished to find something like this: come visit Bolivia, girls here are super hot and they are only waiting for average American to come and take them to the paradise of fun and pleasure. Sounds pretty dumb, doesn’t it? And if you are so sure in yourself that you were looking for such information, why you were looking for it at all? You had better buy yourself a ticket to Bolivia and try to fulfill your sureness in life, but you didn’t, right? You are unsure and you are looking for some confidence here 🙂 Read also: First date with Bolivian girl – what to do, how to behave, what is better not to do

Ok, so let’s finally move to what you were looking for, if you had enough patience to read this article until here. The reward – now we are finally talking about how are Bolivian women according to American, Latvian, Australian and many other foreign men when they meet them by accident and on purpose in Bolivia.

Here I am talking about average Bolivian woman, but not about those girls who are looking for rich foreigners on purpose, as there are pretty much of them in every country and the places you can find them are the same from country to country – night clubs, special bars etc.

So, general situation in Bolivia is that although people are quite poor it does not they don’t have personal dignity and pride and because of this not every Bolivian girl would even like to talk to foreigner. Also many Americans have bad reputation because they are trying to show their superiority by throwing money everywhere and this only makes them even more disgusting in the eyes of Bolivian women. Representatives of Western civilization gained much in material world like finance, wealth, welfare, but had a huge loss in what is called spiritual life; they often forgot they are human beings, behaving like animals that have their copula season, using money like an attraction.

Not every girl in Bolivia comes from poor family. Many families live descent life and they do not want some foreigner to interfere their life. Many foreigners forget about the fact that many Bolivian girls have a boyfriend or even husband. Do you agree it would be weird if all Bolivian women would sit and patiently wait for American – in such case the country of Bolivia would not exist. Many Americans though believe they could be better partners for Bolivian girl than Bolivian men and still are trying to approach, but most of them do not succeed. They forget their main and often the only advantage is money and many Bolivian girls often do not place money first. It doesn’t mean they don’t need money, but there are girls in Bolivia who would try to take as most money as possible from American guy and then come back to the guy they love – Bolivian boyfriend, but such return is not always successful; again, I am calling you not to generalize, especially here.

In general, Bolivian girls are family oriented and what I would call their-culture-oriented and if you are foreigner you have some advantage as possibly rich man, interesting because of you are something new to them, but that’s it. Bolivian girls are trying to have long term relations, no matter with local Bolivian guy or foreigner, so quick intimacy during the first date with descent Bolivian girl is largely impossible. Read also: Why Bolivian woman could be a perfect wife for American?

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