Night butterflies on Bolivian streets

Luckily for so called sex tourists prostitution in Bolivia is legal and country earns income to budget from this “sphere of entertainment”. Legal prostitution in Bolivia means that this activity is regulated according to the state law and taxes are going to the Government. To become a prostitute in Bolivia woman deeds to be officially registered.

Representatives of the oldest profession in Bolivia must have regular medical check for diseases passed through sexual contacts. But for those foreigners who are happy to find “clean” prostitute in this country I will advice to think twice, because such medical check is compulsory for every 20 years and who knows what might happen for such a long period and how many clients serves the girl for this time. Read also: Sex for the drink: why Bolivia seems inhospitable?

However, prostitution is strongly condemned by Bolivian society. Those women were even beaten by those who are against such services near their houses and schools. Women of Bolivia who work as prostitutes still complain about social difficulties and say this is the only way to earn to feed their children. Prostitutes in Bolivia could be found on the streets, in local pubs and bars, they offer themselves mostly to middle class clients and among them are locals and also those who came from poor regions of the country as well as foreign women.

Prostitution is serious issue in Bolivia as it is leads not only to immoral behavior and risen up with mind perversions children, but to more serious consequences like diseases and crimes. There are many places in Bolivia where women “work” for this business illegal. If you are visiting the country with such low moral aim one day you might face up with some problems you have never expected before, so be aware.

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